COVID-19 message: What strange times we are living through. This is a bizarre moment in history, isn't it? Just so you know, we're taking steps to remain open during this period of social distancing, whilst also keeping all our customers safe.

We can now record our interviews with you or your loved ones remotely, and in good quality. So that means that even if our interviewee is staying firmly at home, they can still record their story with us. All that's needed is a computer or a laptop or a smart phone and we will do the rest. We're just finalising plans, but we hope to be able to send you a small microphone through the post with failsafe instructions to use! All research beforehand, editing and mixing afterwards will be done as usual.

So if you want to record your story, get in touch. Or if you just fancy a chat, get in touch too! 



Lives on Record is a bespoke interviewing service that captures the extraordinary stories, perspectives, thoughts and feelings of ordinary people, in their own words and voices.

We interview people about their whole life, or at big moments like births, marriages or anniversaries. Our aim is always to capture their spirit, passions and motivations as well as key events, so that loved ones get a vivid, unique and lasting record that becomes more precious with time.